M.O.T. Academy Educational Advantage:   We provides a fully functional interactive classroom experience for children of all needs. In addition, our facilities have a major emphasis on further developing academic skills and mastering various content areas. Our teachers seek to encourage each individual child to excel in math, science, social studies and written as well as oral communication.

Innovative strategies are incorporated to teach students up to date computer programs and various research methods. Students are taught problem solving skills on a daily basis and encouraged to approach the ever changing world of technology with open minds.

We provide opportunities that go beyond the traditional area of studies and foster an environment that is healthy and productive. Students are motivated to be “thinkers” as well as be part of programs that provide them with an outlet for creativity. We believe in harvesting a climate of inclusion and welcoming students from all different backgrounds. We also encourage parents and community members to be part of our total M.O.T. Academy experience through community resource nights and events. Our students are engaged in many ways, academically, through arts and athletic programs as well as clubs and activities. We seek the very best educational approaches for their development and go beyond to fulfill their educational needs.

We strongly believe that the environment which M.O.T. cultivates is one where there is mutual trust and caring among peers, teachers and staff. M.O.T. academy is an environment of inclusion and healthy competition with one’s peers. Teachers and staff seek to instill within students positive values and the understanding that one must be responsible for one’s actions. In addition, our “open door” policy allows us to create communicative relationships with parents and community members.

As a unit school (Kindergarten – 12) we are determined and dedicated to provide our students, beginning from the youngest to the oldest, a positive environment where they have daily exchanges with role models. Establishing a link with the student at their earliest age allows us to create a supportive relationship. We help our students become contributing members of society by serving their individual needs and helping them transition through developing stages.

We here at M.O.T:

  • Allow students to progress to, and even surpass, prescribed levels
  • Teach strong Character Education, Social Skills and Life Skills programs
  • Reinforces learning through cooperative teaching, build self-esteem
  • Execute Student-centered curriculum (customized lesson plans to meet individual needs)
  • Provide smaller class sizes (low student to teacher ratio). LEARN MORE ABOUT SMALL SIZE CLASSES
  • Individualize attention
  • Provide a warm, nurturing and creative learning environment for students & parents
  • Have an open door policy
  • Advocate a unique inclusion environment
  • Have special education programs and in-house services (Applied Behavior Services (ABA), Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy). LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
  • Sustain strong Teacher Parent Communication
  • Develop Quarterly Goals for all students
  • Provide Daily Reports for all students
  • Resource Nights/Parent Workshops to educate parents with new data on helping their child with academic and social growth
  • We Accept the FTC and FES/UA Scholarships
MOT Academy Crest
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